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Phen375 Fat Burner Review



Phen375 Fat Burner Review: And the Truth Is…

There is another side to every fat-burning story that each Phen375 fat burner review contributor should know.  And perhaps you should know too, whether you are dealing with weight problems or not, or whether you’ve learned from school whether eating any carbohydrate-rich food can detrimental to our health or not.   And that is our subject matter for today, something that every woman should have learned from their school guardians:  Not all carbohydrates are fattening.

Every carbohydrate-rich food is fattening – that was the lesson we’ve heard from leading nutritionists since the 1960’s.  And up to now we abhor eating potatoes, bread, sweets and rice, and would prefer drinking vodka rather than beer.  And that is also why foods that are rich in protein grace our dinner table more than carbohydrate-rich foods.

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But there is just no truth to the claim that every carbohydrate is fattening.  And now we are won’t to ask:  Is one calorie one calorie, no matter what?  And are we to believe further what those nutritionists are telling us?  And for those who are suffering from weight problems, should we continue believing that the proper prescription is:  conscientiously eat less and less, diligently exercise everyday and hope that everything will turn out smoothly. 

Let us investigate further in the light of new data that suggests that what we have learned in the past – most of it we’ve put into practice – is simply erroneous.  This is perhaps why during those years in the past we’ve been witnesses to an increasing number of diabetes and obesity cases worldwide. 


Here, we have some new observations – the other side of the truth. 

  • Obesity and weight problems can’t be just caused by eating without control and certainly not caused by eating fatty foods.  There are certainly other factors to consider.  Some of these factors have to do with environmental conditions. 

  • Just as we had been taught before, eating carbohydrate-rich food is the culprit – rather than eating fatty foods.  It is because eating carbohydrate-rich foods triggers some kind of a hormonal response, which in turn allows the production of insulin.  Insulin tells the body to store fat. 

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Therefore, the less we eat carbohydrates, the leaner and healthier we can be.  Flour, sugar and refined carbohydrates should be avoided because they cause the body to produce more than the necessary amount of insulin.  These foods (and their derivatives) can just be fattening.

  • It is those carbohydrates that are the real cause of heart diseases – it is not fats.  And this is just not for heart diseases.  Count in diabetes and some cancers – those diseases that most likely will kill people. 

  • The best indicator of mortality is waist circumference – and it is still related to eating carbohydrate-rich foods.  When somebody eats too much carbohydrates, he will have to deal with a big waist circumference and a possibility of dying early. 

These are the new things that we must think of when we think about our eating habits – and the same thing that we should share with every Phen375 fat burner review that we share with the public.  The fact of the matter is:  Much is still there to be learned and discovered.  We must strive to learn more – and more than what we used to know.  That is most especially when we are dealing with health issues.

In particular, men and women who are dealing with weight problems should conduct their own investigation to find some new ways of understanding (and perhaps treating) their problems.  We cannot rely entirely on what other people are saying.

This is also the reason why we should not easily believe every Phen375 fat burner review that has been written – whether positive or negative; we must investigate further. 

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